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Come prepared! Video reminds us travelling in the highlands is never a walk in the park!

By Staff

  • Not a walk in the park Landmannalaugar is one of the most hospitable spots in the Central Highlands, but even in the middle of summer it reminds visitors of the true nature of the highlands! Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

Tour guides and guards at mountain huts in the Central Highlands have in recent years repeatedly sounded the alarm that some travellers who come to the highlands woefully unprepared. Because, while the highlands might be relatively easy to access, especially on a decent 4x4, trekking in the highlands is far more difficult. Even in the middle of summer the weather in the highlands makes them extremely inhospitable.

"The right place at the wrong moment"
Alex Vigner, a French mountain guide with the local tour company Ferðakompaníið, shot the following video in Landmannalaugar highland oasis last week, when a heavy storm passed over Iceland. In a post on Facebook Vigner described the strange mood in Landmannalaugar as the storm pummeled the brave trekkers searching for instagram moments and adventure stories for their travel blogs:

"Unfortunately we could do nothing, just remain united, and sometimes to have a laugh about the hikers ; you think they were prepared, ready to fight against the icelandic weather, "we don't need all of this strong and rainy staff writing on this blog". 

But sometimes you are at the right place but at the wrong moment..."

We at Iceland Magazine would like to remind people that the best way to ensure you are not at the right place at the wrong moment is to prepare! Check the weather forecast and travel warnings: And don't go hiking in the mountains, let alone the highlands, without proper equipment and training!

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