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Cókó and Kleins: Enterprising kids sell hot chocolate and homemade doughnuts at Grótta lighthouse

By Staff

  • Cókó and kleins 500 ISK for a cup of hot chocolate and a freshly baked Icelandic doughnut is probably the best deal you'll find in Reykjavík! Photo/Ragnheiður Valgarðsdóttir, Facebook.

Visitors to Grótta lightohouse, on the western tip of the Reykjavík peninsula (the proper geographic name for the peninsula is Seltjarnarnes) can now warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and a freshly baked Icelandic doughnut, kleina, thanks to two enterprising young gentlemen. The young entrepreneurs, two local boys, have set up a small food cart offering visitors "Cókó and Kleins" for 500 ISK. 

Ragnheiður Valgarðsdóttir, who shared a photo of the business venture on Facebook, says the business "blew out the cuteness gauge". 

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The young businessmen not only built the food cart themselves (with some help from their father), but they actually prepared both the hot chocolate and the doughnuts, frying the doughnuts to order as the customers stood in line.

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