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City rejects plans for a giant "Reykjavík Eye" Ferris wheel

By Staff

  • Reykjavík skyline The City Planning Commission doubts whether a giant Ferris wheel would improve this view. Photo/Daníel Rúnarsson.

Reykjavík is probably not going to be getting its own "Reykjavík Eye", after a proposal to build a giant Ferris wheel received a negative review by the city planning commission. The company Reykjavík Eye Project had submitted plans to build a Ferris wheel reminiscent of the London Eye which would have served as a tourism attraction and a major city landmark.

Same size as the London Eye
The company which had prepared the proposal had not picked a location, but proposed several different locations, including Grandi harbour area by the old harbour in downtown Reykjavík, Laugardalurinn recreation area near Laugardalslaug public pool and the City campgrounds, the nearby Laugarnes peninsula and Öskjuhlíð hill recreational area south-west of downtown Reykjavík. 

The proposed Ferris wheel was supposed to have 32 passenger pods, each carrying 25 people, bringing the total capacity of the wheel to 800 people. The wheel would have made one full rotation every 25 minutes. The London Eye similarly has a capacity of 800 people, but its revolution takes 30 minutes. The Reykjavík Eye would therefore have been comparable to the London Eye.

Central attraction of an amusement park
The exact design of the wheel had not been decided, but some plans envisioned a "heart shaped" wheel. The Reykjavík Eye was supposed to be the central attraction in a park built around old Icelandic myths and legends. 

The city planning commission found that the planned Ferris wheel would alter drastically the appearance of the city. The four proposed sites for the wheel were also rejected on the grounds that there was simply no room for a giant Ferris wheel or an amusement park at any one of these. Finally, the city planning commission expressed concern that a structure of this size might not withstand Icelandic weather conditions.

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