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Check out the smallest and most remote concert venue in Iceland

By Staff

  • Þórshöfn Village A group of people from the small fishing village (population of 380) organized a concert series in the lighthouse on Fontur, the furthest tip of Langanes peninsula. Photo/Pjetur Sigurðsson.

The lighthouse on Langanes peninsula is probably both the smallest and the most remote concert venue in Iceland. Yet, a local guitar player has been holding an ongoing concert in the lighthouse for the past two weeks.

Plays for the ocean, and visiting travellers
Haukur Þórðarson sits in the staircase of the lighthouse, playing guitar for guests and the ocean. The concerts are organized by a group of people in Þórshöfn, a nearby fishing village, who wish to honour the ocean and remember all that it has both given and taken away.

The concerts are several hours long and takes place every day, have been very well attended, considering how remote and small the venue is. Some 120 people have attended since July 17. Haukur tells the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service that the lighthouse is a great venue: "It‘s pretty nice. The acoustics are good, and the whole experience is very different from what you are used to."

Last concert is this weekend
We at Iceland Magazine believe that if you are travelling in this extremely remote part of Iceland, looking for something to do, you should definitely check out these unique concerts. The lighthouse stands at the North-Easternmost tip of Iceland, at the end of Langanes. It can only be reached by a very rough road which is only passable in a 4x4.

But hurry: The last concert will be held tomorrow Saturday August 1.

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