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Challenging conditions on Ring Road in E. Iceland: three travellers unharmed in rollover

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  • Mount Herðubreið The Ring Road on Möðrudalsöræfi highland plateau offers stunning views, but driving conditions can be challenging in winter. The plateau is part of the Central Highlands.

Three travellers escaped unharmed from a rollover accident on the Ring Road in North East Iceland yesterday afternoon. The driver lost control of the vehicle on a slick spot on the road, causing the car to veer off the road and then roll over. Conditions on the road where the accident took place were difficult due to ice and slick spots, as well as wet snow and snow melt. 

ICE-SAR travel warning had been issued
The accident took place near the highland farm Grímsstaðir á Fjöllum on Möðrudalsöræfi highland heath. Yesterday ICE-SAR and the Icelandic Road and Coastal Authority issued travel warnings, cautioning drivers that conditions on heaths in North East and East Iceland would be challenging due to wintry conditions. Travellers were warned to show extra caution on the Ring Road where it crosses the highland plateau between Mývatn lake in North Iceland and Egilsstaðir town in East Iceland. 

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Möðrudalsöræfi heath, where yesterday's rollover accident took place, is part of this plateau. Fortunately nobody was hurt in yesterday's accident, but it serves as a reminder you should always buckle up, and always check travel warnings as well as road and weather conditions before heading out. And drive carefully We want everyone to come home safe from their vacation in Iceland!

Two travel warnings: South and South East Iceland
ICE-SAR has issued two travel warnings for the Ring Road today, and one for the Central Highlands.

Strong Winds on the South Coast

Strong winds (18 m/s, 65km/h, 40mph) are expected tomorrow, Oct 6th, along the south west coast from town of Grindavík in west to the town of Vík in east. SLOW DOWN when driving by mountains.

Strong Winds in the South East

Strong winds (20m/s, 72km/h, 45mph) with gusts up to 35m/s, 126km/h, 76mph expected in the south east until noon today, Oct. 5.

ICE-SAR also warns that highland roads have entered winter conditions, which means many roads have now been closed to all traffic. Check on to see if the closures will affect your travel plan.

Important resources for planning your trip
Plan your trip and keep up to date on travel warnings and alerts from ICE-SAR on

Check a full road map and updates on road conditions and travel alerts from the Icelandic Road and Coastal Authority at

Keep up to date on the weather forecast with the Icelandic Meteorological Office.

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