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Central Highland roads are still impassable: Driving closed roads is illegal

By Staff

  • You don't want this to happen to you Swelling rivers are among the many obstacles which make Central Highland roads impassable this time of year. Photo/ICE-SAR

  • Condition of mountain roads The Central Highlands are still closed to ALL traffic. Photo/IRCA

While summer has arrived in coastal regions and on lowlands here in Iceland winter has barely released its grip on the Central Highlands. But as spring makes its way into the volcanic deserts and mountains of Iceland's highlands, and the snow melts from hillsides and the ground thaws the travel season grows closer. But it's still some weeks away, the Icelandic Road and Coastal Authority reminds travelers:

ALL roads in the Central Highalds remain closed to traffic. Soggy ground, swelling rivers and extremely challenging road conditions make all roads and trails in the Central Highlands impassable to all motorized traffic. 

The IRCA also wishes to remind travelers that entering roads which have been closed to traffic is in violation of the law: If the prospect of getting stuck on an impassable road, and having to phone for rescue (which has to be paid out of pocket) isn't a large enough deterrent perhaps a stiff fine does the trick? 

According to the IRCA most roads in the Central Highlands are opened to traffic sometime between mid-June and early July. For road conditions, including information on whether roads are open or closed, head over to the website of the IRCA. You can find the latest map of the condition of mountain roads here (pdf).

Central Highlands roads

Central Highlands All roads either closed to all traffic or impassable. Photo/IRCA


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