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Celebrate Sjómannadagurinn with local fishermen on Sunday

By Staff

  • In harbour Fisheries remains one of the pillars of the Icelandic economy and plays an important role in the country's history. Icelanders celebrate the annual Fisherman's Day on Sunday. Photo/Vilhelm 

Sjómannadagurinn, or the Fisherman’s Day (sometimes called Festival of the Sea), is fast approaching, being celebrated all over the country on Sunday, 5 June. The festival occurs on the first Sunday of June, each year, and is dedicated to fishermen, sailors and those who have lost their lives at sea. Most ships dock in harbour over the weekend and seamen celebrate the day with their families.

Fishing has been the lifeline of the Icelandic nation for many centuries, both as its main food supply, and its chief export product. Historical evidence suggests that Icelandic fish export dates all the way back to the 12th century at the very least.

The first Sjómannadagurinn was held 6 June in 1938 in Reykjavík and Ísafjörður. The day was made into a public holiday in 1987.

Head down to the harbour area of any Icelandic village on Sunday and partake in the festivities. 


Seaman's day celebrations in Grundarfjörður, west Iceland. Ship crews compete in fun games.

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