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The car last seen floating among icebergs might be gone forever

By Staff

  • Goodbye As we said yesterday people, never forget to confirm that the handbrake is on. Photo/Justin Benttinen

It’s never good to drop something that's not waterproof into a lake. When it’s a car and the bottom of the lake is 248 m (814 ft) below the surface, you are in deep trouble, pun intended.

The young couple that found their rental car floating among icebergs at Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon on Wednesday night, before witnessing it disappearing into the deep, will most likely neither see the car or their belongings that went down with it, again.

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“It’s much to dangerous to send scuba divers into the lagoon due to the huge icebergs,” said South Iceland police officer Jóhann Hilmar Haraldsson, in an interview with local news site Vísir (link in Icelandic).

Vísir also spoke to Einar Björn Einarsson, the manager of tour operations at the Jökulsárlón. His assessment of the situation is simple. The underwater currents in the lagoon are so strong that it would be nigh impossible to locate the car, he said and added that the car might one day show up on the beach outside the lagoon, or most likely never be found again.


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