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Californian climber, kayaker and photographer makes a brilliant video about his trip to Iceland

By Staff

  • Glaciers and waterfalls The video follows Chris driving pictoresque dirt roads, climbing cliffs as well as surfing, kayaking and swimming in freezing waters. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

Californian photographer Chris Burkard has made 20 trips to Iceland to travel, kayak, climb and photograph the landscapes, waterfalls and glaciers. Chris recently created a video capturing the highlights from a ten day road trip around the island. In the video we can see Burkard climbing cliffs, driving mud roads and even taking a dip in a glacial lagoon. In his intro to the video Chris declares Iceland is "one of the most unique and beautiful places in the world":

"The landscapes are dotted with glaciers, waterfalls and ice formations, and the photographic opportunities are endless. Despite the weather being cold and unforgiving, the challenges that present themselves are well worth dealing with in order to experience all that Iceland has to offer. I recently took a trip to seek out unclaimed climbing formations and empty surf line-ups."

ON THE ROAD with Chris Burkard: ICELAND from Chris Burkard on Vimeo.


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