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Buy a car from Fast and Furious while in Iceland! Trucks used in Fast 8 sold at auction tonight

By Staff

  • The three trucks and Vin Diesel The three trucks starred in the latest instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise, which was shot at Mývatn lake in North Iceland and in the town of Akranes in West Iceland. The cars were most likely driven by some of the bad guys ultimately defeated by Vin Diesel, the main star of the movies. Photo/ 

If you have a few thousand dollars lying around, and can’t think of anything to spend them on, you might consider placing a bid for one of three trucks used in the filming of the action movie Fast 8 in Iceland. The three trucks are being sold at an online auction which closes tonight.

Fast 8 truck
Reserve price not yet met Two of the three trucks look like this one. Photo/

The car dealership Krókur in the Reykjavík area is selling the cars at the site Gísli Jónsson, the manager of Krókur told the local news site that the auction will decide the fate of the trucks. If they are sold they will be processed by customs and registered in Iceland. Otherwise they will either be sold to scrap metal or re-exported.

The three trucks look like Russian army trucks, but Gísli is not sure of their origin. “They are some kind of Russian trucks, or whatever“ he tells, but adds that he is not sure . The trucks might not have any military background: “Perhaps they are not military stuff at all.” Be that as it may, the trucks look like Russian military vehicles, and they have played a small role in one of the most popular movie franchises in history. 

Fast 8 Trucks
The third is a belt truck It is not yet clear whether the three cars will be permitted to drive on Icelandic roads. Photo/

All three cars have received bids, between 238,000 and 443,000 ISK (1,900-3,600 USD/1,700-3,200 EUR) although none of the bids are above the reserve price. 

You can bid on the two cars or browse their pictures here: vehicle 1, vehicle 2.

Or check out the belt truck: vehicle 3.

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