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Bus driver involved in turf wall hit-and-run comes forward: Promises to repair wall himself

By Staff

  • The damage Traditional turf walls were used both for enclosures and in the construction of houses. Photo/Skagafjörður Heritage Museum

A bus driver who crashed into a turf wall at the Glaumbær heritage museum in North Iceland, collapsing a large section of the wall, has contacted the museum, promising to repair the wall.

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Earlier today we reported that the turf wall surrounding the Glaumbær farm, a traditional turf house which has been restored to house an exhibition from the Skagafjörður Heritage Museum, had been badly damaged by a tour bus. The driver of the bus hit the wall which collapsed, and then drove off without notifying the staff. According to the manager of the museum it costs at least 500,000 ISK(5,000 USD/4,100 EUR) to repair the wall.

The local newspaper Morgunblaðið reports that the driver has contacted the museum, offering to repair the damage he caused himself.

The manager of the museum told Morgunblaðið that it was good the matter was resolved. "It's awfully kind of him to offer to repair the wall. All's well that ends well."

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