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Bus accident in NE Iceland: Injuries less serious than initially feared

By Staff

  • The accident The bus crashed into a snowplow on the Ring Road near Víðidalur in NE. Iceland. Photo/Guðjón Vésteinsson

Five travellers suffered minor injuries when the bus carrying them crashed into a snowplow on the Ring Road near Víðidalur farm on the southern edge of Möðrudalsöræfi highland plateau yesterday afternoon. Initially it was feared one traveller had suffered serious injuries in the crash. The people spent the night at a hotel.

The National Broadcasting Service reports that the travellers have all arrived in Reykjavík.

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Driving conditions in the area were extremely challenging when the bus, which was carrying 25 travellers from Taiwan, crashed into a snowplow on the Ring Road: Low visibility, icy roads and a violent gale. An ambulance which was sent from nearby Vopnafjörður was blown off the road.

Five travellers suffered minor injuries in the accident. The injured travellers were attended to at the medical center in Egilsstaðir. The travellers were initially taken to an emergency response center at an elementary school in Egilsstaðir town, but by evening the group had been moved to a hotel where they spent the night.

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The Ring Road across Mývatns- og Möðrudalsöræfi highland plateau was closed following the crash, and remains closed today.

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