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Bus with 25 travellers collides with snowplow in NE. Iceland: At least one serious injury

By Staff

  • ICE-SAR All available first responders and ICE-SAR companies in nearby towns and villages have been dispatched to the scene. Photo/Ernir

At least one person suffered serious injuries and five when a bus carrying foreign travellers collided with a snowplow in North East Iceland this afternoon. At least five other people are hurt. All available ICE-SAR companies and first responders in nearby towns and villages were dispatched to the scene.

UPDATED NOV 23, 12:30: Bus accident in NE Iceland: Injuries less serious than initially feared

Ambulance blown off the road
Weather conditions at the scene are extremely challenging. An ambulance which was on its way to the scene from nearby town of Vopnafjörður was blown off the road. According to Police in East Iceland visibility is near zero and the weather "insane".

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The bus crashed into the back of a snowplow which it had been driving behind. The bus was thrown off the road in the crash, landing on the side of the road.

The accident took place on the Ring Road in N.E. Iceland, just south of Möðrudalsöræfi highland plateau, near the farm Víðidalur. The Ring Road in NE Iceland crosses a stretch of the highlands, Möðrudalsöræfi, which separate North Iceland and the Eastfjords. Möðrudalsöræfi are notorious for extremely challenging weather conditions in the winter. Visibility is very limited in the area, with howling winds and blowing snow.

Ring Road in Möðrudalsöræfi closed 

Víðidalur, Möðrudalsöræfi
Accident The accident took place near the farm Víðidalur in N.E. Iceland. Photo/

At present it is not clear how many people were in the bus, or how many are injured. According to some reports from the scene the bus was carrying 25 passengers while others say 26 or 27. At least five people are said to have been injured, one seriously.

The bus was carrying travellers from Taiwan. 

All available ICE-SAR companies and first responders in surrounding area have been dispatched to the scene. ICE-SAR and ambulances had a hard time reaching the accident, due to the weather. 

The Ring Road between lake Mývatn in North Iceland and Jökuldalur valley in East Iceland has been closed due to the accident and the weather conditions.

Stay safe!
A yellow weather alert is in effect for all of Iceland. People are asked to show caution when heading out. Driving conditions are very challenging on the entire Ring Road in all parts of Iceland. While ICE-SAR is ready to assist anyone in distress, and people who are in distress should never under any circumstances hesitate to call for help, travellers should also try to minimize the strain on emergency services by preparing properly and not take unnecessary risks. 

Travellers are urged to pay close attention to the weather forecast, all weather alerts and road conditions as well as travel alerts from ICE -SAR before embarking on any travel outside urban areas.

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