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British Airways to double its Heathrow-Keflavík service: Will fly twice daily to Iceland next winter

By Staff

  • British Airways The UK carrier plans to add more flights to Iceland, even as the number of British travellers visiting Iceland drops. Photo/British Airways.

The UK airline British Airways has announced that next year it will be offering two flights daily between Keflavík International Airport and Heathrow. The flights will depart from London early and late morning, returning from Keflavík at noon and mid-afternoon. 

80 weekly flights next winter
With the addition of the British Airways flights travellers will be able to choose from up to eleven different daily flights between Keflavík and London airports. The five airlines flying Keflavík-London will be offering a total of 80 different flights per week in February 2018. 

Icelandair and easyJet will be the largest carriers on the route, easyJet offering 26 weekly flights and Icelandair offering 23 flights. WOW air and British Airways will offer 14 each, and Norwegian will be offering three weekly flights between Keflavík and London.

28% drop in number of British visitors to Iceland
The increase in the number of flights to London comes at the same time as the number of British travellers visiting Iceland has dropped. Due to the depreciation of the British Pound due to Brexit and sluggish economic growth, and the strengthening of the Icelandic Króna, due to strong economic growth in Iceland, has made visiting Iceland more expensive for British travellers. 

The decrease in the number of British travellers was 28% in May, compared to the year before. However, the new flights are not being added to meet demand from British travellers. According to a report by the local news site Túristi the largest single group of passengers carried by British Airways between London and Reykjavík are from China, outnumbering British passengers.

Icelandic travellers heading to Asia have also made up a significant and growing portion of the people using the British Airways flights. 


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