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Brilliant travel video from a visit to Iceland presented as a sci-fi short film

By Staff

  • Sci-fi short film A screenshot from Alex Cornell's great travel diary from his trip to Iceland.

This is one of the coolest travel video we have seen from a trip to Iceland. Made by American filmmaker Alex Cornell the video diary is titled “Planet Iceland –Expedition Memories 08/2014” and is presented as a kind of futuristic sci-fi short film narrated by an old voice remembering the past.

Alex visited Iceland with a friend in August and drove the ring road, hiked in some abandoned fjords and flew with a helicopter capturing clips of waterfalls, mountains, glaciers, lakes and more of the landscape in addition to footage of geothermal plants and swimming pools and restaurants. No other travellers can be seen. Alex and his friend are all alone in this remote, strange place.

The story is great and the cinematography is beautiful. Hats of to Alex!

Here is a link to his friend’s blog from the trip with great photos and excellent information and tips about travelling in Iceland.

Planet Iceland - Expedition Memories from Alex Cornell on Vimeo.


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