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Bold colours and graphic print at Cintamani RFF show

By Sara McMahon

  • Prints and functionality from Cintamani. Photo/Birta Rán

This was Cintamani’s first time participating in Reykjavík Fashion Festival.

The brand’s garments are first and foremost “designed with function in mind, ergonomic patterns and innovative technology for great performance”.

Cintamani’s collection and styling was a pleasant surprise, although one does wonder whether outdoor wear belongs in a fashion event such as RFF. That being said, I liked the chunky scarfs, bold colours, graphic print and how Cintamani’s design team managed to mix functionality with aesthetics in a new and exciting way. 

A ski jacket with graphic print by Cintamani. Photo/Birta Rán

Chunky scarf with print. Photo/Birta Rán

A nice, warm jacket from Cintamani. Photo/Birta Rán

Bold colours from Cintmani. Photo/Birta Rán

See more of Cintamani's design in the video below:

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