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Blue Lagoon to open new luxury hotel this fall, hiring 165 new staff

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  • Private access The new five star Blue Lagoon hotel will offer private access to the lagoon. Photo/The Blue Lagoon

In the fall of 2017 the Blue Lagoon will be opneing a new 62-room luxury hotel complete with a new restaurant and a spa. Yesterday the Blue Lagoon posted a wanted ad, looking for people to fill 165 jobs at the hotel, including everything from housekeeping to private butlers for the most expensive rooms.

Exclusive luxury

New blue lagoon hotel
Private lagoon Guests will have access to a private lagoon, closed to the general public and hidden behind a wall of lava. Photo/Blue Lagoon

The hotel, which will be the first five star hotel in Iceland, has been named Moss Hotel, and will offer accommodation which is probably out of reach to most travellers. According to the local news site Vísir the cheapest rooms at the hotel will start at 100,000 ISK (920 USD/870 EUR) per night, while the most expensive suites which come complete with a 24 hour private butler, will go for 250,000 ISK (2,300 USD/2,180 EUR) per night.

The smallest of the rooms at the new hotel will be 40 square meters (430 sq ft) and the largest suite will be 60 square meters (645 sq ft). All guests at the hotel will have access to an underground spa with access to a private lagoon which is closed to other guests and surrounded by tall lava boulders to preserve and add to the sense of exclusiveness. 

A new top of the line restaurant, Moss Restaurant, will also be added. The lagoon already operates one restaurant, Lava Restaurant.

165 new employees being hired

New blue lagoon hotel

Hiring The Blue Lagoon is looking for staff Photo/Blue Lagoon

Yesterday the Blue Lagoon posted a wanted ad at requestiong job applications, asking for "individuals to take part in this adventure." The application deadline is March 25, and the available positions include:

- Concierge manager
- Concierge
- Butler
- Luggage and guest services
- Valet services
- Reception manager
- Receptionists
- Housekeeping manager
- Housekeeping
- Cleaning crew

 The Blue Lagoon already employes 570 people, and expects to add a total of 200 new employees in connection to the expansion. 

New blue lagoon hotel

The view The suites will have a dreamlike otherworldly view! Photo/Blue Lagoon


New blue lagoon hotel

The Moss restaurant A new luxury restaurant will be in the five star hotel Photo/Blue Lagoon


New blue lagoon hotel

The spa An underground luxury spa with an entrance to a exclusive private lagoon, hidden inside the lava. Photo/Blue Lagoon


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