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Beware of falling ice and dangerous conditions at Skógafoss waterfall

By Staff

  • Conditions at Skógafoss The Icelandic Environment Agency shared this photo on Facebook to illustrate conditions at the waterfall. Photo/The Icelandic Environment Agency

Visitors at Skógafoss waterfall are asked to show extra caution due to falling ice and extremely slippery walking paths. The Icelandic Environment Agency has asked visitors as well as guides and travel companies to warn their customers to be careful when approaching the waterfall.

The walking paths at the waterfall are covered in ice and extremely slippery these days. Falling ice from the cliffs around the waterfall can also pose pose danger. Visitors should avoid falling ice by not venturing too close to the cliffs. Visitors are also urged to wear crampons on their shoes to avoid slipping on the ice.

Signs have been installed at the waterfall to warn visitors of the dangers.

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