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Best of East Iceland May 16-23

By Staff

  • THIS IS HELL. The name of the crater is Víti, which means hell in Icelandic. It's located in north Iceland in the Lake Mývatn region. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

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How about a visit to Hell?
The violent past of Lake Víti (meaning hell in Icelandic) dates back to 1724, when glowing magma blew a 300-meter-wide (1,000 ft.) hole in the earth’s crust. The enormous explosion marked the beginning of a five-year-long eruption called the Lake Mývatn fires.
For more than 100 years after the eruption ended, a mud porridge boiled and bubbled in the bottom of the crater. Now we have this calm green lake.
This is one of two famous Víti lakes in Iceland. (Not to be confused with Víti in the Askja area, further south in the central highlands.)This Víti is in the Krafla caldera area in the Mývatn region in the north and is easily accessible by an asphalt road leading to it from Route 1 (the Ring Road).

Watch a local soccer derby game
The time has come for the first football match of the year! Local teams FC Höttur from Egilsstaðir town and FC Leiknir from Fáskrúðsfjörður town will meet in Fellabæ football field Saturday at 2PM. It will be a real rivalry match where even the spectators might jump into the fray.

Local art
Art without borders festival will open in Vopnafjörður town on Saturday. Young and old will show their work in different places in town and a concert held in the community center Miklagarður.

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