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Beautiful video follows a team of photographers along the Ring Road

By Staff

  • Ghostly landscapes Among the sights captured by the video is the otherwordly beauty of the Eastfjords. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

A couple of photographers, Leandro Valentino and his friend Joan Villalón visited Iceland earlier this spring to shoot an ad for a local tourism company. But in addition to their paid project the team decided to create their own montage of Icelandic landscapes in a beautiful "24 hours" film. 

"By far my best creation ever"
Leandro told Iceland Magazine that he has done a similar concept video several times already in different countries and cities. "And planning to do this a lot more!"

The couple took a five day road trip, which took them around the entire Ring Road, visiting small villages as well as popular tourist destinations along the route. "We drove the whole golden circle and visited every village and hotspot on the way."

Leandro says on his Vimeo page that he spent two whole days editing the five days of footage together: "I think it's by far my best creation ever".

An amazing journey!
Seeing more of Iceland than just the top spots in South Iceland was well worth it, Leandro argues

"What we liked the most? The Waterfall of Gods [Goðafoss waterfall in N. Iceland], the black volcano valley of stone and ash in the south, Kerið crater and the whole eastern region of the island. Iceland has everything: volcanoes, ice, snow, mountains, sun in the north, cold in the south, fishermen's villages, waterfalls, geysers, lagoons. It was an amazing journey!"

Judging by the beautiful video it certainly was!

24 Hours in Iceland from Leandro Valentino on Vimeo.


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