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Beautiful trailer for documentary about the sheep round-up in the Central Highlands

  • Dreamlike landscapes The annual sheep round-up in the mountains and heaths of the highlands looks like hard work, but it also looks like it might be the best job imaginable. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below

Every year Icelandic sheep farmers have to round up the free roaming sheep flocks which have spent the summer in the mountains, heaths and the Central Highlands eating wild grasses. The annual sheep round-up is steeped in local customs, as it is one of the centres of life of farmers, a time when people get  together not only to share in the demanding work, but also to share stories in the cramped herding sheds in the highlands for a whole week.

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The farmers organize themselves into units which search specific areas, each group being led by a "Mountain King", which is also the name of a new Icelandic documentary made by Guðmundur Bergkvist about the sheep round-up in the Central Highlands. Judging by the trailer below the work is hard, but the scenery is just spectacular, leading us at Iceland Magazine to question our career choices: Chasing sheep in the Icelandic highlands might just be the dream job!

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One of the farmers we see several times in the trailer, young blonde woman, is Heiða Guðný Ásgeirsdóttir's farm Ljótarstaðir in South Iceland, close to the feared volcano Katla. Earlier this month we shared a second film of her at her farm, sharing her observations about sheep shearing.

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