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The beautiful four-legged thief Ófelía (loves dried fish)

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  • Outside Krambúðin Ófelía waiting for her change in front of the grocery store on Skólavörðustígur street. Photo/Valdís Hrönn

When walking along Skólavörðustígur street in the centre of Reykjavík, keep an eye out for one of it’s best know residents, the beautiful blue-eyed Ófelía.

Skólavörðustígur is the street leading up the capital’s most famous landmark Hallgrímskirkja church and Ófelía can often been seen lurking outside grocery store Krambúðin. She is known for taking a time out posing for pictures and being generally understanding about the attention she receives.


Striking a pose Ófelía is a local celebrity. Photo/Eva Maria

But Ófelía also has a wicked side as she has been caught more than once inside the grocery store when trying to nap herself a bag of dried fish, according to Valdís Hrönn, Krambúðin’s store manager.

Valdís posted the story on the great  Kettir í Reykjavík (Cats in Reykjavík) community page on Facebook, drawing lovely response in the comments section. Among those who comments is the owner of Ófelía, telling us that she is of Ragdoll breed and lives down the street from Krambúðin.

Cat city
Anyone visiting Reykjavík will note that the city is full of cats. Maybe it’s not quite like the famous Japanese cat island Tashirojima, but downtown Reykjavík is packed with cats. These are no stray cats, but well-kept pets that are allowed to roam free around the neighborhood.

There are no official figures on the number of cats in the capital, but the Icelandic Cat Protection Society, which operates a cat shelter, has estimated that there might be as many as 20,000 cats in the capital region or one cat for every ten people. 

The cats in Reykjavík also have this Facebook page in English.

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