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Beautiful apartment in an old corrugated building close to the centre of Reykjavík for sale

By Staff

  • Reykjavík architecture The Vesturgata street house. This style of building is typical for old Reykjavík. A wooden house clad with brightly painted corrugated iron. Photos/Miklaborg real estate

A great apartment on two floors in this beautiful corrugated iron building in the old part of west side Reykjavík is on the market for 56.9 million ISK (384.000 EUR/ 412.000 USD).

The location on Vesturgata street is excellent. It’s within a 10 minutes walk from the buzzing centre of Reykjavík and the old harbor is even closer, meaning there are plenty of great restaurants and cafés just a stone’s throw away.

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The apartment is 143 square metres (1539 sq ft) in size and has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two living rooms, and a large garden.

If you are in town there is an open house next Monday, March 23rd. More photos and information here.


Refurbished The kitchen was recently renewed.



From the main floor One of four bedrooms.



The living room There is another living room or a TV room on the lower floor.


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