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Beautiful aerial video of the snow-covered landscapes on the outskirts of Reykjavík

By Staff

  • Heiðmörk from the air A few summer cottages stand along the shores of Elliðárvatn lake at the western edge of Heiðmörk.Photo/Screenshot from video, see below

Local photographer Snorri Þór Tryggvason made this video of the beautiful snow covered Elliðavatn lake and the landscapes of Heiðmörk recreational area on the outskirt of Reykjavík. 

The beauty of Heiðmörk's forests and lava fields draws in nature lovers and hikers, making it a popular recreational area among many residents of Reykjavík. The Ring Road 1 to South Iceland from Reykjavík runs north of Heiðmörk, which stretches along the eastern edge of the capital region. 

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