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BBC films a part of new global angling competition show in Ísafjörður fjord

By Staff

  • Ísafjörður The Westfjord town of 2.600 people is one of Iceland's largest fishing ports. Photo/Pjetur Sigurðsson 

A crew of 30 people from BBC has been in Ísafjörður town in the Westfjords this week, filming for a new angling competition show, according to local news site The aim of the TV series is to find Britain’s best all-round angler but also to give viewers back home an insight into how fishing is done in a number of exotic destinations across the planet.

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According to BBC’s website each programme will see the contestants travelling to a different country with very distinct climates, landscapes and habitats around the world where they will be tested using a wide range of techniques under the watchful eye of experts.

The contestants will use knowledge gained from locals on how to find the perfect spot to land a catch, and will face challenges which combine their own experience and talents with newly learnt skills.

In addition to Iceland, the participants can expect to test out their skills in the Amazon and on the shores of Central America.

The working title of the programme is The Big Fish.

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