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Battling plastics pollution in the oceans: Iceland to ban cosmetics containing plastic microbeads

By Staff

  • Ocean waves The Nordic countries will work together to cut down on or eliminate plastics pollution in the world's oceans. Photo/Vilhelm

Iceland will join the other Nordic countries in banning plastic microbeads in cosmetics. Björt Ólafsdóttir, the Minister of the Environment has said that the battle against plastic microbeads and plastics pollution in the world's oceans, is an extremely urgent task.

Nordic countries to work together to battle problem
The Ministers of the Environment of the five Nordic countries met in Oslo earlier this week where a new policy approach to plastics and the problem of plastic pollution in the seas. The policy calls for, among other things, a ban on plastic microbeads in cosmetics. 

Björt told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, RÚV, that it was urgent that Iceland would do its part, and that the Nordic countries would act as one in leading a battle against plastic microbeads, which are an important source of plastics pollution, and a critical way for plastics to enter the food-chain.

One way to ensure plastic microbeads do not enter the oceans is to improve sewage treatment. Björt told RÚV the government would look into new investments in sewage treatment to clamp down on this pollution.

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