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Bárðarbunga trembles: 4.1 magnitude quake on Saturday

By Staff

  • Bárðarbunga The giant volcano is hidden beneath the ice cap of Vatnajökull. Recently growing geothermal activity in the volcano has created cauldrons to form in the ice cap. Photo/Jóhann K. Jóhansson.

Determined not to let Öræfajökull and Skjaldbreiður hog all the attention over the weekend, the monster volcano Bárðarbunga trembled on Saturday morning. A powerful 4.1 magnitude quake was detected at 6:19 AM on Saturday morning, in the southern edge of the volcano's caldera.

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Bárðarbunga has been showing high levels of activity for more than a year now, caused by the re-filling of the magma chambers of the volcano following the 2014-15 Holuhraun eruption. The last major quake in Bárðarbunga was on December 3. Seismologists at the Icelandic Meteorological Office say there are no signs of imminent volcanic activity in Bárðarbunga. 

volcanoes of Vatnajökull - Bárðarbunga

The volcanoes of Vatnajökull Bárðarbunga and Öræfajökull have been showing significant signs of activity in recent months. A 2014-15 eruption in the Bárðarbunga system produced the Holuhraun lava field (top of photo). Photo/Vísir, Garðar


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