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The Atlantic Puffin is now considered to be facing danger of extinction

By Staff

  • The Puffin More than half of all the world's puffins nest in Iceland. Photo/Stefán Karlsson

According to new report from BirdLife International Iceland's unofficial national bird, the Atlantic Puffin, is vulnerable to extinction. Combination of climate change and overfishing have caused worrying declines of the puffin population. The report finds that overall some 40% of the world’s 11,000 bird species are in decline, and one in eight bird species is threatened with global extinction.

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It has been estimated that as much as 60% of the world's Atlantic puffins nest in Iceland. A total of 10 million puffins nest in Iceland. The largest puffin colonies in Iceland are located in Vestmannaeyjar islands, where 1.1 million puffins nest. Puffins have traditionally been hunted for food in coastal communities, but in recent years the puffin hunt has come under growing criticism.

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