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Archaeologists think they might have found a third boat burial at site in N. Iceland

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  • Dysnes The location of the dig on the west coast of Eyjafjörður fjord in North Iceland. Photo/Loftmyndir-IcelandMag

Archeologists working at a dig on Dysnes peninsula on the west coast of Eyjafjörður fjord in North Iceland believe they might have found yet another boat burial at the site. This would bring the number of boat burials discovered at the site to three in as many days. 

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On Tuesday archeologists announced that they had discovered a Viking age boat burial belonging to a wealthy chief, containing a sword and bones from a dog. Yesterday a second boat burial was discovered right next to the first one. The two boats seem to have been arranged in a row, with bow facing stern.

The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÚV reports that today the archeologists working at the site discovered three wooden nails which most likely came from a boat near where the first two boat burials were discovered. The dig is only just starting, and neither yesterday's burial nor today's discovery have been fully excavated. 

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None of the three boat burials have been robbed or disturbed by people, but they have all been badly damaged by erosion. The sea had destroyed much of the burial found on Tuesday, washing away half of the boat and any artifacts contained therein. Hildur Gestsdóttir, who is in charge of the dig told the RÚV that the second and third sites have seen far less erosion.

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