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Apple corrects its IPhone map, stops sending unsuspecting travelers into unfinished tunnel

By Staff

  • Good job! Apple has finally corrected its IPhone map for North Iceland. Photo/Iphone

Users of the IPhone map app are a little bit safer while traveling in Iceland, thanks to Apple correcting an error in its maps: IPhones will no longer be telling travelers to use an unfinished and unsafe tunnel when taking the Ring Road between the towns of Akureyri and Húsavík in North Iceland.

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On Monday we at Iceland Magazine covered the error in the IPhone GPS and map application. Road crews working in Vaðlaheiðargöng tunnel, which permits travelers to avoid Víkurskarð mountain pass, a short but difficult stretch of the Ring Road which frequently becomes impassable in winter. The tunnel is scheduled to be open to traffic in the fall of 2018.

The road is not closed permanently, as road crews working on the tunnel regularly go in and out. This allows travelers to slip in as well. The tunnel is clearly marked as construction site and closed to the public, but some travelers either fail to notice the signs and the construction crews and drive in anyway, or they trust their GPS equipment and IPhone more than road signs. 

Despite repeated requests Apple failed to correct the error. Until the story made the news, that is.

This means your IPhone will no longer be sending you into an unfinished and unsafe tunnel in North Iceland. We hope that there are no other errors.

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Which is why this does NOT mean you can now again place all your trust in your IPhone or GPS equipment! There are simply far too many examples of travelers being led astray by online map applications and out-of-date GPS equipment. You should always double check and ALWAYS pay attention to the road signs. When your online map and road signs give you contradictory instructions you ALWAYS follow the road signs.

You can also check some of these Icelandic online maps.

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