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The annual sheep shearing competition in downtown Reykjavík is on Saturday

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  • The reigning champion The winner of the first annual Kex Hostel shearing competition and the holder of the Golden Shears 2014 is Julio Cesar from Uruquay, pictured with Kex Hostel’s president Böðvar Guðjónsson (left).

KEX Hostel's annual sheep shearing competition will take place Saturday, March 28th. Sheep farmers from all over the country and international shearing grand masters will compete for the Golden Shears, which are awarded for shearing speed, quality and skills.

Among competitors are the reigning Golden Shears holder Julio Cesar, the Icelandic champion Hafliði Sævarsson, Gavin Stevens from Scotland and Englishman Foulty Bush.

The sheep come from Hraðastaðir farm in Mosfellsdalur valley, just outside the capital. The animals will be transported to Kex under supervision of a veterinarian who will also monitor the competition. The animals will be carefully looked after.

Read our live blog from last year's competition: The shearing competition at Kex Hostel has started

The competition starts at 14 (2pm). It’s a joint venture between the great Kex Hostel, located in down-town Reykjavík, and the Icelandic Sheep Farmers Association.

Here is a short clip from last year's competition.



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