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The annual Fish Soup Saturday: Free soup for all in downtown Reykjavík

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  • Festive mood The forecast for the weekend is great for the whole country. This photo is from last year's festival in Reykjavík. Photo courtesy of

As always during the annual Festival of the Sea visitors to the capital’s centre will be treated to free fish soup, courtesy of shop and restaurant owners in the area.


Having fun Neither a traditional vessel, nor oars. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

In Iceland the first Sunday of June each year is dedicated to fishermen and their families, honouring the role they have played in Iceland’s history. The celebrations include an action-packed weekend of fun, including a rowing competition as well as many more fun activities for the family in almost every port of the country.

The food-festivities in downtown Reykjavík start at 13.30 (1.30pm) on Saturday. In addition to a free bowl of fish soup visitors can enjoy the performance of numerous talented accordionists, who will be on the move, playing along Laugavegur, Skólavörðustígur and other downtown streets. Of course the repertoire will consist of popular songs about seafaring and fishing, or have strong connections to the culture of seafaring.

The focus of the festivities and the main venue for the program of the Festival of the Sea on Saturday and Sunday is the area around Reykjavík’s old harbour, from Harpa Music and Conference Hall in the east to Grandi  in the west.

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Formerly only an area of fishing and small industry, Grandi has in the past couple of years evolved into a great cocktail of restaurants, shops, museums and IT businesses, mixing in with the boats and baiting huts. Every day large and small fishing boats travel out and back again to land their catch. So, the area is always teeming with life, but will be in extra great form this weekend.

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