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American travellers happiest with their stay in Iceland, Chinese travellers least pleased

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  • Perhaps the weather was a factor? The weather in January wasn't ideal. Photo/Anton Brink

Chinese travellers appear to be least happy with their experience in Iceland, while American travellers are most satisfied the Gallup Tourist Index for January reveals. The Tourism Index calculated by Gallup reveals that British visitors come close second. Visitors in January were slightly more pleased with their stay than those who came in December. 

English speaking visitors happiest
American travellers have the highest level of happiness, reporting an index of 84.5, followed by British travellers who gave Iceland on average 83.5 points out of 100. Canadians came in third (82.8) and Australians in fifth (82.4). The only non-English speaking nation in the top five were Danish visitors who gave their stay in Iceland an overall 83.6 points.

Foreign visitors were especially pleased with the hospitality of Icelanders. The only group of visitors who didn't give Iceland 80+ points on hospitality were Chinese travellers. Overall Chinese visitors appear to have been most likely to be disappointed in their stay, giving Iceland 64 points out of 100 for meeting expectations.

The tourism index
Gallup, in collaboration with Keflavík Airport and the Tourism Board polls foreign visitors as they leave Iceland, asking them to evaluate their stay. The survey consists of five questions: How pleased visitors are with the stay, how likely they are to recommend Iceland as a destination to others, how well the stay met their expectations, the hospitality of Icelanders and the value for money. The ranking in the five different categories are then weighed for an index which takes a value of 0-100. 

Tourism index Jan 2018

The Tourism index Visitors in January 2018 were pleased with their stay, although some seem not to have had their expectations met. Photo/Gallup


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