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American traveller rescued by ICE-SAR units after he chases his aerial drone up a mountain

By Staff

  • ICE-SAR members The man was trying to rescue his crashed drone, but ended up needing to be rescued himself. Photo/Landsbjörg ICE-SAR

Search and rescue units in North East Iceland were dispatched to help an American traveller who couldn't make it down a steep mountain hill.

The man had been photographing with an aerial drone by Ljósavatn lake in North East Iceland, when his drone crashed in Krossöxl mountain. Despite not having the proper equipment or gear for climbing mountains the man decided to climb the steep mountain side to recover the drone.

Difficult conditions, especially after dark
When the man had reached an elevation of 500 m (1,640 ft) he discovered he could not make it down himself, and decided to call for help. The mountain side is very steep, covered in low shrubbery making it very difficult for inexperienced climbers, especially in the dark. The sun was setting when the man discovered he had gotten himself into a situation he could not get out of. 

According to the local newspaper Morgunblaðið the rescue operation went well. The man was able to signal his rescuers with a light, making it easy to locate him. The man was cold but unharmed when he finally got back to his car.

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