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American traveler rescued from an impasse in cliffs of small mountain in Vestmannaeyjar

By Staff

  • Vestmannaeyjar The volcanic islands off the south coast of Iceland have an extremely rich birdlife, including the world's largest puffin colonies. Photo/Vilhelm.

An American traveler was rescued by the Vestmannaeyjar islands ICE-SAR company at noon on Sunday. The man had been hiking in Dalfjall, a small mountain on the main island of Heimaey, when he discovered he had reached an impasse in cliffs in the northern slopes of the mountain and called police.

The man was hiking alone on a marked path in the slopes of Dalfjall mountain when he dropped his walking stick. The stick slid down the hill but came to a stop at a ledge in the cliffs a little way from the path. The man went to retreave the walking stick, but when reaching the ledge in the cliffs he realized he was unable to return back to the path and called the police for assistance. According to ICE-SAR in Vestmannaeyjar islands the rescue was a very simple standard mountain rescue.The operation went well and the man was never in any real danger, according to a spokesman for ICE-SAR.

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