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American gossip magazine improves Icelandic-US relations by revelling in sexiness of Reykjavík Mayor

By Staff

  • Gossip magazine Wonkette Part of Gawker media, which operates a number of gossip blogs and websites, Wonkette is known for risque reporting and a NSFW take on current affairs. Photo/Screenshot.

Last week the American political gossip magazine Wonkette ran a long photo essay on the Mayor of Reykjavík, declaring him the next Justin Trudeau and „Your New Political Sexxx Fantasy Of The Week“. The story caught the attention of several Icelandic news outlets, including Iceland Magazine.

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In addition to Iceland Magazine the local newspaper Morgunblaðið and news site ran stories on the risqué and tongue in cheek Wonkette essay, attempting to explain to Icelandic readers the double entendre’s and sexually spiced slang used in the article.

This coverage then became fodder for a second article in the Wonkette „Wonkette is World Famous in Iceland“, which attempted to analyse the Icelandic reaction with the help of google translate. Of course, we had to filter it through Google Translate, so it’s awkward as hell.“

Since translating sarcasm of the kind employed by Wonkette is difficult the Icelandic articles have a certain google translate aura which makes the Wonkette is analysis even more comical, sinceWonkette must rely on google translate to understand the Icelandic articles.

Of course, we do not speak Icelandic, and like we said, Google Translate sucks, so if you teach Icelandic As A Second Language at your local community college, please to help!

Wonkette even appeals to Björk, asking her to mediate in this clash of cultures:

Alternately, Björk speaks English, so if she would be so kind as to serve as ambassador between Icelandic media and yr Wonkette, that would be super. We can have a summit, and she can wear the swan dress if she still has it, because unlike other dicks in the American media, we like that dress.

The goal of the coverage, Wonkette explains was to improve relations between Iceland and the US:

Nah man, we are doing the important work of improving diplomatic relations between our two nations, by showing Americans what a sexxx beast your capital city’s mayor is. Maybe you would like to pick an American mayor that Iceland would be DTF so we can be even?

The only US mayor who has made the news in Iceland in recent months is the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel. In March Icelandic media, Iceland Magazine included, covered what became known as "lopapeysa-gate", the scandalous gifting of a strange looking made-in China woolen sweater by the Minister of Industry to the Mayor of Chicago.

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