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An amazing video follows kayakers down 12 Icelandic waterfalls

By Staff

  • Breathtaking plunge Two adventurers shot an amazing video as they kayaked down 12 waterfalls in Iceland. Photo from the webpage of Redbull/Ben Brown. 

Iceland is home to countless amazing waterfalls, and most foreign visitors visit at least a few of these to witness the raw power and beauty of nature. Few, however, dare plunging right in.

Two adventurers, Ben Brown and Anton Immler, decided to experience the waterfalls up close and personal, by kayaking down some of the most spectacular waterfalls of Iceland. The duo kayaked down 12 waterfalls, running each waterfall as many as 20 times.

The two, whose adventure was sponsored by the energy drink Redbull, told that Iceland is the choice destination of anyone interested in kayaking down waterfalls:

“It’s the best bang for your buck waterfall spot in the world,” says Brown. “You roll up to one waterfall, run it as much as you want, then hop in the truck and head to the next.”

The two kayaked down the waterfalls of Aldeyjarfoss, Þjófafoss, and Goðafoss, as well as Jökulsárlón Glacial lagoon.

A video of the adventure is truly worth watching: You have never seen the waterfalls of Iceland like this!

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