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The amazing landscapes of the Ring Road in winter

By Staff

  • Magic of Iceland in winter A beautiful travel video of a 10 day road trip around the Ring Road. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below

Travelling in Iceland during winter it's easy to get the feeling you are lost in a land forgotten by time. Winter has a way of bringing out the contrasts of bleak, hostile nature and its strange delicate beauty. These contrasts are never more striking than during the late fall or spring, when the sun barely crawls above the horizon during mid-day, bathing the landscape in a blinding otherworldly light.

The Icelandic horses who brave this weather remind us of the determination and resilience needed to survive the hostile landscape. 

This beautiful travel video, shot by London based visual effects artist Daniel Kemeys captures these contrasts early last spring, before winter had released its grip, the heaths were still frozen, and mountain sides covered in snow. 

"We were travelling during February, we took some detours as the weather was really bad at one point, during our drive to Höfn we had to take alternate routes as the road were closed, it left us driving over a mountain in a blizzard! Pretty crazy, one hell of an experience."

Daniel and his girlfriend stayed on the Ring Road for most of the their trip, visiting the "must stop" places along the south coast, but also making several detours to off-the-beaten-path destinations:

"Most interesting place was probably north east, less tourists and more northern lights, we were lucky enough to see them 3 nights in a row, one of the most spectacular moments of my life so far. Iceland is definitely one of the most beautiful counties I've ever been too in my life, I can't wait to come back!

10 Days, One Road from Daniel Kemeys on Vimeo.


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