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All Viking traditions celebrated except murdering and pillaging

By Staff

At Fjörukráin in the town of Hafnarfjörður, just outside of Reykjavik (en-route to Keflavik Airport) the annual Viking Festival takes place starting Friday June 13thand lasting until Tuesday June 17th.

The Festival is being held for the eighteenth time and all things Viking will be celebrated: history, arts and crafts, archery, music, you name it. If Vikings did it – you’ll experience it at the Viking Festival. … except for the murders and pillaging.

The Festival is built around a positive showcase of the Viking heritage. A number of people from across the world will attend the Festival in their Viking-gear and demonstrate friendly-fights when you least expect it. Vessels from far-away countries will come to the Hafnarfjörður Port and traders can conduct their business.

This is a great opportunity to really experience Icelandic ancestry. 

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