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All Tomorrow’s Parties: July 10th-12th

By Agnes Valdimarsdóttir

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All Tomorrow’s Parties is a boutique festival that goes against the grain when it comes to large-scale festivals in the sense that the focus is on the customer and his experience rather than something else.

All Tomorrow’s Parties have hosted a number of uniquely intimate events throughout the UK, Spain, Australia, Japan, the USA, and of course – Iceland.

This is the second year ATP comes to Iceland and the festival takes place over the course of three days, July 10th-12th (Thursday-Saturday). Music is played for approximately seven hours every evening with an eclectic mix of music, providing something for everyone. A total of around 30 bands will perform live over the course of three days.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds headlined the first ATP festival in Iceland last year, which was hugely successful. For Interpol (the band, not the International Criminal Police) fans, it’s exciting to know that the band has never before played at an ATP festival, but will be playing for the first time in Iceland this summer. Portishead is another band that has been on a long-term hiatus from playing live, will also be performing in Iceland this summer – making this ATP Festival just a little ways above your average music festival.

Another attraction to this music festival is its location. In 1941, the American army came to Iceland to use it as a hub during WWII and the Cold War. The army stayed long after the war ended and the NATO base became a miniature version of America within Iceland. After some protests in Iceland, the army left its base in 2006 and hasn’t returned since. The site is located only 5 minutes from Iceland’s main International Airport, 15 minutes from the world-famous and must-experience Blue Lagoon, and approximately 30 minutes from Reykjavik city center.

Although an Icelandic summer can guarantee little as no night time and endless daylight, what it can’t guarantee is still and sunny weather. For this reason, the festival site hosts two indoor stages and a cinema with films picked by ATP and the bands. Other activities known to avid-ATPers include DJs, Pop Quizes, and, because of this extraordinary location, guided tours through the old base.

Festival tickets that included on-site accommodation quickly sold out, and although only 5000 people can attend, it was soon obvious that more accommodation would be needed. The organizers have saved this by not only securing more accommodation within a short walking distance at Ásbrú, but guests are also free to camp on-site and are encouraged to use RentATent to assist them with their camping needs.

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