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All roads in Central Highlands are closed or impassable

By Staff

  • Sprengisandur The road across Sprengisandur desert in the highlands remains closed. Photo/Vilhelm

  • Red = Closed Every single road in the Central Highlands remains closed to traffic. Photo/IRCA

  • Central Highlands The roads through the Central Highlands usually open in June/July. Photo/IRCA

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Authoritty wants to remind drivers that roads in the Central Highlands remain closed to traffic to protect both the roads and vegetation. Conditions in the highlands have not yet permitted the roads to be opened to traffic. The roads are clearly marked as closed, both on the ground and on real-time maps on the website of the IRCA.

"Unfortunately many drivers refuse to respect the signs and the closures which are implemented to protect both the roads and nature, especially the vegetation along the roads. At this time of the year the vegetation is very fragile and is easily damaged by traffic."

The IRCA stresses that entering roads which have been closed is a violation of the law. Driving past a sign which says that the road is closed is a criminal offense, the IRCA reminds travelers.

Act responsibly, obey the law
We at Iceland Magazine would like to ask our readers please, follow the law. Ignoring signs and instructions, and driving onto closed roads is both dangerous and stupid. Roads are closed for a reason. Chances are you will get stuck and then require rescuing by Police or ICE-SAR. 

As the frost thaws from the ground and the snow in the mountains melt the heaths of the Central Highlands become wet and the ground very soggy. Under these conditions roads can easily become impassable due to mud and water. Even well equipped mountain trucks can become stuck in these conditions. 


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