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All major roads in W and S Iceland closed: 150 travellers in emergency shelter in Þingvellir

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  • All roads closed All major roads in South and West Iceland have been closed due to the storm. Photo/IRCA

The Road and Coastal Authority has now closed all major roads in South and West Iceland. Travellers are asked to show patience and wait until roads have been cleared and deemed safe. Roads are closed for a reason. Dangerous winds, snowfall or blowing snow, ice and limited visibility make for dangerous driving conditions.

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The Ring Road out of Reykjavík is closed, both to the north and east, all roads along the Golden Circle have been closed. All major roads on Snæfellsnes peninsula in the Wst are either closed or impassable. The Ring Road between the villages of Hvolsvöllur and Vík in South Iceland has also been closed. The Ring Road between North and East Iceland has similarly been closed down. 

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A weather warning is in effect, and ICE-SAR has issued urgen travel alerts.

The Police in South Iceland urges people to stay indoors. 150 travellers who were caught by the storm on the Golden Circle have found shelter in an emergence center in Þingvellir National Park.

People should keep in mind that conditions deteriorate very rapidly at higher altitudes. You should therefore always expect driving conditions where roads cross heaths or through mountain passes to be significicantly worse than closer to the coast. Also, people should remember that weather conditions can change rapidly in Iceland.

Winter travellers in Iceland should always pay close attention to the weather forecast, all weather alerts and road conditions as well as travel alerts from ICE -SAR before embarking on any travel outside urban areas. 

Road closures 14.feb.18 - afternoon
On the road to nowhere All roads leading out of Reykjavík have been closed. The road to Keflavík Airport is still open. Photo/IRCA
Road closures 14.feb.18 - afternoon

South coast and Golden Circle closed All major roads in South Iceland have also been closed. Photo/IRCA


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