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After comic confusion fast food chain makes its "Vega-burger" actually vegan

By Staff

  • The scene of the confusion Insert: Bryndís Steinunn who mistook a vega-burger at a local Olís station for a vegan burger. Photo/Vísir

Trying to eat vegan can be difficult in Iceland, and confusing names don't help as a local woman discovered this past weekend. Bryndís Steinunn went out on Friday to get takeout for her family. Settling on a healthy option she decided to buy a "Vega burger" at Olís, a chain of gas stations and roadside convenience stores and grills, thinking the "vega" part of the name referred to the burgers being vegan.

Road-, not vegan-burger
Bryndís took to Facebook to congratulate Olís on the excellent vegan burgers. The only problem: Vega translates as "road". The Vega-burger is "Road-burger". Bryndís' post quickly went viral and was then picked up by local media. Bryndís told the local news site Vísir that while the whole thing was a funny misunderstand, she still felt betrayed by Olís, arguing that the name was deceptive.

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This is not the first time people are confused by confusingly named "vegan" foods in Iceland. In 2015 a foreign traveller thought he had found a delicious vegan cookie at a gas station. The veganesti cookie he had bought was not a vegan-esti cookie, but a vega-nesti cookie: Vega-nesti translates as road-snack.

After Bryndís' Facebook post went viral Olís announced it was going to change the Vega-burger into a proper Vegan-burger. Bryndís told Vísir that Olís had called her up to break her the news, inviting her to taste the first burger prior to its public unveiling.

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