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Aerial photography: Iceland's colourful glacial and spring-fed rivers from above

By Staff

  • Markarfljót river The main source of the 100 km (62 mi) long river is Mýrdalsjökull glacier, the home of the notorious Katla volcano. Photos by Massimo Lupidi

Italian photographer Massimo Lupidi sent us those great aerial photos from Iceland. Lupidi has been travelling and taking pictures around the world for more than three decades. He is a frequent visitor to Iceland and has organised both photo tours and workshops in the country.

These pictures where captured last summer in South Iceland.

Þjórsá river The many colours of the estuary of Iceland's longest river a (237 km/147 mi) 


Skipagerðisós estuary At the Landeyjarsandur black beach.


Hólsá river delta fingers The colour of Iceland's can range from milky grey or brownish red depending on the nature of the silt they carry.


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