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Aerial drones now banned in the immediate vicinity of the president's official residence

By Staff

  • Bessastaðir farm The official residence of the President of Iceland. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson.

People will no longer be permitted to fly drones directly above the official residence of the President of Iceland. New rules on visits at the grounds of the Presidential residence at Bessastaðir farm place strict limits on the operation of drones, banning drones above and to the north of the President's residence.

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Growing numbers of visitors have in recent years caused some friction. More than 200,000 people visited the residence and surrounding grounds last year. However, some visitors confuse the low level of security in Iceland for an open invitation. People have tried to open the front doors of the president's residence, peeked through windows and attempted to enter the residence. Travellers have even camped on the lawn of the President's residence or spent the night in camper vans at the front door to the Presidential residence.

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The historic church by the President's residence was closed to visitors a few years ago after some visitors committed acts of vandalism inside the church.

The new rules on the operation of aerial drones around Bessastaðir still permit the operation of drones directly above the footpath running along the residence and above the church. 

Drone ban, Bessastaðir

Drone ban You can still operate your aerial drone in the immediate vicinity of the Presidential residence, just not above it. 


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