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Abandoned farm house and a gentle horse — an award winning short travel film

By Staff

  • Lost in time The occupants of this abandoned farm house are long gone. Screenshot from video, see below.

New Zealand cinematographer and director of photography Hamish Pattison received in October a silver award at the New Zealand Cinematography Awards, for a short film he filmed in Iceland (see below). The category was lifestyle, magazine/reality.

According to Pattison he created the film after wrapping up a job in Iceland. “I felt so alone in the landscape and overwhelmed by the disconnect from my usual city life. I began to explore some of the empty landscapes and wondered about the people and the stories of these forgotten lands.”

Pattison’s 2-minute long film begins at an abandoned farm house and its surroundings; the only living soul visible is a lone but gentle horse. Then he shows us some absolutely stunning footage from around Iceland.

This is hauntingly beautiful work by the New Zealander.

The Icelandic landscape is dotted with abandoned farmhouses. If you do decide to visit one, please show respect. This was someone’s home and most often has great emotional and historical value to locals.


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