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A video of crazed man who attacked police with chocolate Easter eggs goes viral

By Staff

  • Motive unknown It is not clear what drove the man to go berserk at the suburban supermarket. Hatred of Easter or chocolate? Pent-up frustration of a man who was deprived of chocolate as a child? Photo/Screenshots from video, see below.

A video of a crazed man destroying chocolate Easter eggs at a Reykjavík supermarket has gone viral on Icelandic social media. The incidence took place early Sunday morning when a man who has been described as having being in "a peculiar state" went berserk, attacking displays of chocolate Easter eggs.

When police arrived at the scene the man attacked the officers, using the chocolate eggs as projectiles. Despite being pelted with chocolate eggs the officers were able to subdue the vandal.

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A customer at the store shot the following video of the havoc the man managed to wrek before police arrived at the scene.

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