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A tip on saving money on treats to bring home: Don't buy whimsical candy at a souvenir store!

By Staff

  • Same candy, triple the prices The name and the packaging has been changed and the price doubled or tripled. Photo/Vísir.

Local candy is a great idea for a cheap souvenir to bring back to friends at home. Who could resist tasty liquorice chocolates called "puffin eggs"? How about "Lava sparks" or the humorously named "Horse Doo Doo"?

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Well, before you stock up on these at the nearest souvenir shop you should keep in mind that you are paying a 200-300% premium for the funny name, and that you could buy exactly the same candy in different packaging at the next supermarket!

puffin eggs candy

"Puffin eggs" A small bag goes for 990 ISK Photo/Vísir

A simple way to save money!

The liquorice filled chocolates "Icelandic Puffin Eggs", which are sold at 990 ISK per 150 g bag at souvenir shops are the same candy as Djúpur. A bag of Djúpur is sold for 298 ISK at Bónus. The markup? A cool 232%. 

The same goes for The Icelandic Horse Doo Doo, which are liquorice filled chocolates covered in pepper, which sell for 990 ISK at souvenir stores, is in fact the same as Sterkur Djúpur.

A bag of Sterkur djúpur is 249 ISK at Bónus. A 298% markup.The Lava Sparks, which are spicy little brittle toffee bits, sell for 990 ISK at souvenir shops but 215 ISK at Bónus

djúpur candy

Djúpur The exact same candy in it's generic consumer packaging. The same sized bag goes for less than 300 ISK at Bónus. Photo/Vísir

Of course the generic consumer packaging isn't as whimsical and the names aren't as fun, but then again. But if you are planning to eat the candy yourself, and are buying it for content, rather than the packaging, you should consider doing your candy shopping at the grocery store rather than the souvenir shop!

Or go for Omnom bean-to-bar chocolates?
There are, however, chocolates and sweets you definitely should consider buying at the souvenir shop. Among them are the hand-crafted and exquisitly beautiful Omnom chocolate bars. These little luxuries are only available at the Omnom factory store on Grandi, by the old harbour, at design and lifestyle stores as well as better souvenir shops, and certainly not sold at Bónus or other supermarkets. 

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 The beautifully designed packaging and superb chocolate more than justify spending a few krona more: A package of Omnom costs 1000 ISK at the Keflavík Duty Free store, which is basically the same you would pay for an overpriced bag of "puffin eggs" at a downtown souvenir store!

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