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A mock video message to US president Donald Trump: Please put Iceland second!

By Staff

  • America First, Iceland Second We speak the best language in the world, "Icelandic, the original language of men". Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

The local news site Nútíminn recently released the Icelandic contribution to the viral videos mocking US president Donald Trump. In the video the narrator, talking on behalf of the Icelandic nation, implores Trump to put Iceland second. "The America first, [Fill in blank] second" videos have become somewhat of an internet sensation in the past few weeks. The first was a Dutch video released on January 23.

Like most of the other videos in this genre the Icelandic installment does not only mock Trump, but pokes fun at Iceland and Icelandic politicians. Trump is reminded of the fact that Iceland has beautiful women and strong men, while apologizing for both Sigur Rós and Björk. 

Among those who are mocked are the current Prime Minister, Bjarni Benediktsson who is called a "successful businessman". Critics of Bjarni have pointed out that the taxpayers ended up shouldering huge losses incurred by companies he ran. He has also come under fire for his appearance in the Panama Papers.

He is considered rather handsome, however. Bjarni is no 7 on the list of of "Hottest heads of state".

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The video also pokes fun of former Prime Minister, the disgraced Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson who resigned following the Panama Papers. In January Sigmundur posted a photo on Facebook of his snack on the first day of parliament: raw beef on crackers. Sigmundur raised eyebrows when he claimed foreign meat was "poisoned with toxoplasma". 

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The industrial policy of the 1990s and 200s, with its emphasis on attracting heavy industry to take advantage of cheap renewable energy is also mocked. 

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