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A brood of common eider ducklings moved to Vatnsmýrin yesterday

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  • Vatnsmýrin moorland. A brood of common eider ducklings were moved to their new home in Vatnsmýri nature reserve yesterday. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

According to local news website, 37 common eider ducklings were moved yesterday from Húsdýragarðurinn Petting Zoo to a new home in Vatnsmýrin, a protected moorland in central Reykjavík. This is the first time since 1957 a brood of ducklings is moved to Vatnsmýrin in an attempt to increase the common eider population in the area.

“The ducklings were a bit stressed before their great adventure but were quick to adapt to their new surroundings,” said biologist Snorri Sigurðsson who oversaw the move in an interview with yesterday.

The Vatnsmýrin reserve was established in 1984 by the Reykjavík City Council. It provides a water source for Tjörnin pond and is a nesting ground for numerous species of birds. The area measures 37.026 square metres (398.540 sq ft) in size and boarders the Nordic House and the grounds of the National University.

Below is a video of the ducklings arriving at their new home.

Andarungar, by Gunnar Hersveinn


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